The Gargoyles

Animated stone in the shape of various devils that adorn the doorway separating Zaphod's Foyer from the rest of his house.


Magic Missile – 1d4+1 force damage, targets the number of party members that are currently annoying it.

Members auto hit them if they decide to go that route. Need to roll a strength check to damage them with magic or blunt weapons. DC 20 Str check and they have damage reduction 3. These are sentient magical animated stone.


These three “gargoyles” have been tasked with “protecting” the rest of Zaphod’s tower from intruders. Unfortunately, the door that they protect has been left open, meaning adventurers can just wander in whenever they please. The Gargoyles will attempt to stall the party from noticing the open door and entering by saying they must answer riddles in order to pass, threatening misfortune if they go through, and generally not acknowledging that the party has that ability. The Gargoyles act like assholes and have an annoying voice that they all share. This voice is actually Zaphod’s impersonation of his “rival” Chartreucian the Magnificent. The Gargoyles are basically powerless if the party decides to just charge through the doorway.

The Gargoyles

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